Wildfire Preparedness Day - Volunteer at the Manell Watershed Reforestation Project Site

Wildfire Preparedness Day - Volunteer at the Manell Watershed Reforestation Project Site

Munga Masongge Guåhan! Don’t Burn Guam!

The Guam Department of Agriculture Forestry Division, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program and Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans are participating in the national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 5, 2018, at our Quinene Road restoration site in Malesso. We have collectively invested thousands of man hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of energy in this site, which is heavily impacted by wildfires. A few weeks ago, the newest portion of the plantation burned and heavy rains a couple weeks after the burn left nearby roads covered in mud and debris. For the preparedness day activity, we will be trying some new restoration techniques to help manage fire impacts, reduce erosion and hopefully alleviate some of the fire-driven mudslides and flooding that affect the community around the site.

1. Riparian corridor restoration. Plant approximately 50 saplings along a stretch of ravine at the base of the plantation site. We will install pago (Hibiscus tilliaceous) to help reduce fuel loads, establish a greenbelt for fire protection, and improve the health of this small seasonal waterway. In addition, we'll plant other native plants commonly found in riverine forests in southern Guam.
2. Post-fire triage. We will disperse a variety of native seeds on a recent burn site to test the germination and survivorship of a range of native plant species that we hope to use in future restoration efforts. For now, our restoration efforts depend on growing seedlings in controlled nursery conditions and outplanting young saplings in rainy season. We are hoping to augment these expensive and time-consuming efforts with direct seeding after fires to try to scale up restoration.

3. FREE Wildfire Hazard Assessments will be conducted for residents by Southern High School students & Guam Forestry in the Pigua Area, Merizo (N. Doyle St., Mansapit Ln. & Pale St.)


Bring a water bottle, gloves, hat, wear long pants & close-toed shoes.

Guam Department of Agriculture Forestry & Soil Resources Division
Email: christine.fejeran@agriculture.guam.gov
Email for more information and/or you would like to be included in the FREE Wildfire Hazard Assessment.